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Zone Face Lift
£75.00 for 1hr 30min 

£375.00 for a course of 
£710.00 for a 12 week programme

The Zone Face Lift has been developed from a combination of traditional reflexology methods and ancient healing techniques from Native American shamans. Pressure-point massage is used along with Native American techniques, to create the ‘Zone Face Lift’. Renowned for removing as much as 10 years of ageing over a 

12 week programme which lifts the face and spirit.


This treatment uses a combination of organic oils and cleansers, gua sha facial tool, an acupressure derma facial roller, quartz crystal spheres and reflexology. As a result The Zone Face Lift will leave you feeling blissed-out, with a smoother face to match. For many women, this will eliminate the need for Botox and offers a natural alternative.


This is tailored to you needs and is the ultimate in relaxation and self indulgence. Try one session as a taster. Treat yourself to a mini course of six, or a full programme of twelve.

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