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Reflexology is a non- invasive, relaxing complementary therapy and is based on the theory that energy flows throughout our bodies. It works on the principal that different parts of the body are mirrored through the feet face or hands and by stimulating the corresponding reflex points this can encourage the body to relax, sleep better and help with overall well being. 

Whilst many healthcare professionals recognise reflexology as a well-established, respected and effective complementary therapy many people use reflexology as a way of relaxing the mind and body to counteract stress.

Foot Reflexology 

Reflexology is based on the principle that reflexes in the feet correspond to different organs in the body. It is a pressure technique which is applied using the thumbs and fingers on reflex areas.

It works to balance and unblock the energy flow which helps to induce relaxation. 

It can help improve circulation, the immune system and relieve stress, which can help the body to unwind and heal its self.

Facial Reflexology 

This is a treatment where the focus is on the face instead of the feet.

The face is cleansed using organic oils and a gentle but firm pressure is applied to the different reflex points on the face.

This can have a powerful impact by helping the body to detoxify, give a feeling of rebalance and help to relieve tension. It can also help to  improved skin tones as well as giving the same benefits as  foot reflexology.  

Menopause Reflexology

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Express Reflexology 

This is a 45min reflexology session which allows you to relax and get the benefit of a treatment if your short on time. Wether its during a lunch break or you only have a small amount of time between doing pick up, appointments or just doing things for your daily life.

Maternity Reflexology 

Reflexology during pregnancy aims to optimise the health of the pregnant woman, helping with any minor conditions that might arise during this time. It is a safe and gentle way to help reduce stress on the body. Regular treatments can help you to feel relaxed, less anxious and may also increase your energy levels, all of which will benefit your growing baby.


Fertility and Preconception

If you are hoping to fall pregnant then it can be of benefit if you are relaxed and stress free, as the emotional and physical pressures of a fertility journey can sometimes be strenuous.

The aim of reflexology during this time is to get you in the best place possible to fall pregnant.


Maternity and Post Natal

During your pregnancy reflexology can help with relaxation and possible side effects that may arise during the maternity phase.

After the birth of your new arrival you can use reflexology as a way of spending a bit of time out for yourself to recharge and relax.

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